The Power of Mentoring

Founder of Beyond Noise Gareth Healey with his mentee Tanya Nicol of TrippTee at the launch of their podcast on The Power of Mentoring at Tech Manchester

The power of mentoring is becoming increasingly recognised in modern business. Studies show that 75% of C-suite executives credit their success to being mentored. And 70% of mentored companies survive beyond five years, compared with only 50% of those who aren’t mentored. Other studies show that employees who receive mentoring are promoted five times more often than those who do not – five times! 

Gareth has been mentoring Tanya Nicol, founder of TravTech start-up TrippTee, for over 12 months now. They have formed a strong mentoring partnership, which gave Tanya the confidence to pivot her business idea and led to Gareth being named a finalist for ‘Mentor of the Year 2019’ at the National Mentoring Awards

Have a listen to Tanya and Gareth talk about their experience in this Podcast produced by TechManchester, the programme that facilitated their mentoring arrangement,

In this episode they discuss:

– The power of mentoring 
– Why they entered into a mentor programme 
– The first meeting and how they established a working relationship
– How the process enabled Tanya to pivot her business
– Being open to learning – what both the mentee and mentor can gain 
– How the relationship has evolved over twelve months

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